"A 15-Year Quest: Legally Hi-Jack the Secret 'Guru Code' to Gain Influence, Attract Money, and Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!"

From the Desk of Diane Hochman.
Monday, August 18th 2014

The year was 1999.

I had quit my job to stay home with my two little girls and I basically ran my family broke as I forgot that they weren't paying my professional salary anymore.

I was desperate...

The phone was ringing...

The bill collectors were calling...

And I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet.

I had hit rock bottom.

I was only 32...

On the verge of bankruptcy...

In poor health and fighting depression and I didn't know how to change things.

Fast forward to today ...

My life is completely different.

In fact so much so that within the last 15 days I took a cruise to Bermuda, paid college tuition for both of the girls and bought not one but TWO cars CASH!

My family is happy, healthy and I feel like I am living my BEST life.

The past seems so far away. Unreal in fact.

So how the heck did it all change?

Well it has to do with something that I like to call...


Stick with me and I will tell you more.

Lets fast forward to May 2000...

I had started a home business and I was doing ok...making some money...paying off debt and finally having HOPE when one morning I woke up to find out that the founder of the company that we were involved with had died at only 44 years of age.

I was stunned...

I was shocked...

I was numb...

And I knew in a moment that everything had changed and I had to think QUICK in order to salvage our business as all hell was about to break loose.

By 8 am it was all over the news and by 10 am I knew that my business was in trouble...

But I know now that that occurrence was a blessing as I was about to get to know my first major teacher...

A man named Frank Petrocelli.

While mayhem rolled out...

Frank took me in...and he taught me the first part of what today I call


Mr. P taught me how he ran his 4.5 million dollar a year business from the golf course and his mini yacht on Long Island.

While everyone else was working like an animal to try to get to six figures Frank had figured out how to the live the life I so desired.

Frank had walked away from owning the headache of 17 hair salons into...

A business that was pure EASE AND FLOW (imagine that!)

His favorite thing to say was,

"I've got the cookie!"

and he helped me to understand the POWER of UNDERSTANDING what I had in my hands.

He NEVER chased...

He never convinced


And people flocked to him.

It was via Frank that I met my next teacher...

A man named Jim...

Maybe you have met him too...

Jim Rohn...

World famous business philosopher. Yes!!! This one...

Due to sweet serendipity I had been put in a position to have some close access to Jim...via private dinners over wine and I even got to go on vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica with him...

We sat on beach chairs...had fun...

And through Jim I took in a set of philosophies that would change my life...


I was so lucky that I even got to hear Jim preach a Sunday service when we were all stranded at a resort without a Church nearby...

Talk about a Sunday to remember!

Things were going well...

I had dug us out of debt and we were starting to get our lives back...

I felt alive again and that sustained for a few years until all of a sudden...

Frank died of a heart attack.

And my heart broke right along with his.

I was devastated and felt lost...

I flailed around for a while...

Slipping back into old behavior patterns and watching my business wane...

I turned to the internet...

Learned some neat new ways to make sales but my heart just wasn't in it.

And then...

During one of my darkest periods when I was about ready to hang it up...

I met him.

The Cowboy.

A guy I had bought a course from a few years back who had helped me stabilize my revenue and learn how to build a list...

He was a marketing master for sure.

But what was most haunting about him was not the marketing he taught me...

Quite frankly...

You can learn that anywhere...

But the way he had taught me to THINK.

The way he had taught me to handle people...

And the way he made me FEEL.

I had used his tapes to carry me though many an emotional dark night ...

And in oh so many ways he had become my secret best friend from a far.

But now I was actually talking to him...

And that very first time we met I knew he was the teacher I had been searching for since losing my beloved Frank.

We spent TWO(2) hours on the phone that day and during that time he taught me some things I would never forget.

And that was the beginning of my piecing it all together.

That was the beginning of it all.

Over the next several years he handed to me a simple way of thinking...A set of rules...

An ALGORITHM to do business by...

He showed me again what Frank had taught me...

But now I could SEE it clearly...

He repeated what Jim had taught me...

But in simple terms that I could finally assimilate...

He tweeked my thoughts, my behavior and my belief....

Heck...He tweaked my FAITH

And almost over night the money started rolling it.

Some might have called it a MIRACLE...

I called it...

THE GURU Code to Unlimited Power, Wealth, and FREEDOM!

In 2009 Jim Rohn died...

Leaving us all behind to carry his words.

In 2011...The Cowboy left the industry...

Upon his departure he tasked me with carrying forth the LEGACY he had given me...

In a moment I will never forget he whispered on the phone to me,

"What you give away you get to keep.

When you are ready Diane...

And not until then...

After you have used the code to get on all the big stages, to travel, to make all the money you desire, to attract a crowd of loyal fans and so much more..

I want you to TEACH it."

He took a deep breath and continued...

"I know most will never use it...

but some will Diane...

And to those people you must share it."

Break it down and make it so easy a child could understand it...and make it so profound that a person could use it to change their life forever."

He said...

"I trust you...

I know you will honor what we three teachers have given you...

So before I go back to whence I came...

Will you promise me to continue my legacy and carry this torch so you can inspire, teach, and train others to create the freedom they so desperately desire?"

And in that moment I took an oath that would forever change the course of my destiny... (and the destiny of thousands of my loyal followers)

In this place and in this time after having used the 'Guru Code' to go from a broken housewife to a top earning personality in my chosen space...

I want to give you this gift!

But I caution you....

This code can change your life FOREVER if you use it well.

Abuse it and you will be corrected harshly.

Don't believe me?!

TRY IT and you will see.

I am about to hand you the most magnificent UNIVERSAL LAW concepts about humans and making money known to man.

The keys to easy street and the doorway to the life you have always dreamed of.

But with it...

Comes a responsibility.

A responsibility to pay it forward.

Use it... and then GIVE IT AWAY.

* But charge for your time because many will not be able to execute on their own.

Pretty much no one can.

I couldn't.

All three of my teachers charged me.

I am grateful that they did.

For what they charged me for their tutelage was a pittance compared to what I gained.

Over 15 years I was on a quest to find THE ANSWER.

I found it.

And now...

I bring forth unto you...


And oh yeah...You gotta get this...

I was a housewife..

I was no one special but I was able to use this code to stay home, bring up my girls and make a great living...

Others have used it to build multi-million dollar entities...

Others have used it to be free to travel anywhere in the world you want.

Using The Guru Code does not mean you need to become a big cheese...

It means you become a teacher...

A person full of WISDOM.... a 'GURU' in your own right.

How far you want to take it is up to YOU.

Everyone has a guru inside...

And I am gonna show you how to wake up your inner-'Guru,' unleash them, and change your life in a few short weeks if YOU ARE READY...

To Your Success, Health, Wealth, & Freedom,
Diane Hochman

What Others are Saying!

Mark H

"Diane Hochman is simply one of most proven, most consistent, most honest, and most passionate marketers in our industry. She only shares strategies she has personally seen work. She's tough. She has low tolerance for wimps and whiners. She simply produces, and shows others how to do the same."
Mark Hoverson
Creator of Solomon CEO and 8 Figure Earner

Mark H

"The best people in the industry are always great at connecting with people and building relationships. There are very few people I know in this industry that have mastered that principle like Diane Hochman. A strong foundation is always built on the basis of understanding human nature and what people really need to succeed. Diane in my opinion is one of the best in our space"
Mark Harbert
Top Earner and Video Marketing Expert

THE GURU CODE A 10-Week Curriculum to Gain Influence, Attract Money,
and Give You the Lifestyle of YOUR Dreams!

PHASE 1: The Guru Code - The Foundation

CODE 1: Learn The language Of Kings

The elite, top earners, top producers...

THE FINANCIALLY FREE speak differently than most.

Learn how to speak their language and JOIN THEM!

CODE 2: The Law Of The Jungle...

The Marketplace is truly a jungle, but just like in the Lion King...

There are LAWS...

Learn the Laws and you will rule the pride. (and write your own paycheck!)

CODE 3: Knee Jerk Triggers and Predictable Behaviors

I can tell you what people are gonna do long before they do it, and when you sit though this session... You will know too.

Once you know... your business becomes child's play.

When you can predict people's behavior, your wealth (and business) grows by a factor of 10x!

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Bonus 6

'Guru Code' Happy Hour at "Live The Dream V" in Austin, TX Friday, Sept 26th!

Come meet Diane and fellow 'Guru Code' students IN PERSON as we celebrate YOUR greatness, commitment, and your decision to become a true entrepreneur & marketing pro via 'The Guru Code.' Think of this as a mini-graduation and a thank-you for your time and effort put into learning and IMPLEMENTING the 'Guru Code.'

The FASTEST way to a breakthrough is LIVE and in person. Come hang with your new peers and mentors, have a few drinks, share a few stories, make some key connections, build relationships & partnerships, and create a brand new inner-circle mastermind network to help take your business to the next level!!!

* LTDV ticket NOT included

90 Minutes With a Multi-Million Dollar Earner & The Creator of the 'Guru Code'

Here's the deal: once you have learned parts of the code, you will finally know what to ask a multi-million dollar earner... so we are leaving the topic up to YOU, the Guru Code student!

This private mastermind session could be worth more than the 'Code' itself ONCE you instill the code in YOUR DNA!

PHASE 2: The Guru Code - Dive Off the Deep End

CODE 4: The Charlie Bucket Path To Greateness

Charlie Bucket of Willy Wonka Fame Did Something That All The Others Didn't...

And its not what you think.

But it truly is the 'X' Factor & missing variable if you are struggling in your business.

CODE 5: The Economy Of Failure and How Most OBLIGATE Their Doom

This voodoo mind hack alone will save your countless years and thousands of wasted dollars...

Avoid the deadliest Rat Traps of the industry that will keep you broke.

Most marketers create their demise before they even get started. Learn how to avoid the Rat Traps of the industry.

CODE 6: The Pied Piper Law Of Attracting the Masses

Play your tune and they will all come to dance...


WARNING: 'Come to Dance' invariably means follow you, love you, & buy from you!

CODE 7: Extend The Cycle To Extend Your Pleasure

Every body is in a rush... slow down and watch watch happens.

NOTE: I have used this 'slow down' concept to create a tiny fortune.

CODE 8: The Hidden Order and How to See it.

Your success is sitting right in front of you and you can't visualize it.

I will give you glasses.

You will scream...I can see!!! I can see! (and doors you didn't even know exist will open for you).

CODE 9: Forced Continuity and The Rat Pack Method to Wealth.

You don't understand how business works, and you don't understand who to run with.

Learn this and your world will tilt.

Forced Continuity & Rat-Pack-Method to Wealth EXPOSED.

CODE 10: Obligatory Obligation

The Pay It Forward Law that kicks most hot shots tushies, and makes them cry for their mommies.

This 'Law' has the invisibly ability to fill your bank account faster than anything else on this planet, period.

SPECIAL BONUSESLimited Time Bonuses to Help You Along the Way


$1,497 VALUE

Bonus 1

10 LIVE 60-Minute Mindset Sessions with a Certified Professional: An In-Depth Journey to Create Your Lasting Breakthrough

"The Guru Code" is easy to understand, and even easier to use.

But for some reason folks tend to resist it due to a lifetime of programming that tells them IT HAS TO BE HARD (when it really is not!)

I want you to truly RECEIVE THIS...

Soooo, for the first time ever we are bringing you A PROFESSIONAL to work you through YOUR blockages.

25 year Professional Counselor Larry Hochman is going to help you bust your employee mindset so that you can take these codes, take ACTION, and GET RESULTS!

Along with your weekly Guru Code 'Marketing' Sessions with Diane, you will receive an intense MIND-HACK session with Larry EVERY SINGLE WEEK to all but GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS as you receive all '10 CODES.'

And here's what's cool: Every student of the Guru Code will be swearing to CONFIDENTIALITY that what goes on in the mind sessions is NOT TO BE REPEATED.

Even I won't know what goes on in there....

This is between the students and their counselor so you can FINALLY shake off all the crap that has been holding you back your entire life.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It's time for your MASSIVE breakthrough.

BONUS 2: 10 Week Interactive Discussion Series with Diane Hochman

$997 VALUE

Bonus 2

This is NOT just another Q&A

This is where you will dig deep with Diane on the Code's core concepts as you progress throughout this journey.

In these intimate 'Discussion' settings, you will have a unique opportunity to access and interact with Diane.

You will dissect together the tangibles & intangibles of each week's lessons so that you are crystal clear in what you need to do, what is holding you back, and how to connect the dots for massive results week in and week out.

FYI: Diane can charge $1,000 PER HOUR for coaching... and you are getting 10+ ADDITIONAL hours with her in a LIVE Discussion format to ensure YOU get what you need during this 10-Week Intensive so you flat out MAKE MONEY with 'The Guru Code.'

YES my friend... It's true...

With the 'Guru Code' you will enjoy a SERIOUS LIVE Marketing Session, an INTENSE Mindset Session, and an additional Interactive Discussion Session EACH WEEK!!!

Don't worry! We will meet 3x each week because we believe in IMMERSION for ultimate breakthrough and success, but ALLLLLLL sessions will be recorded so you can revisit them at your convenience.

This information is TIMELESS.

This information will serve you for YEARS to come in all facets of your life.

This is yours to keep forever... add it to your digital training library... and enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS.

This could quite possibly be the most valuable course you EVER purchase (let us prove it to you!)



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Bonus 2

You will be entered into a drawing to spend an entire day with Diane for 1-on-1 consulting and a full day of fun!

Imagine bringing your laptop and spending an entire day with Diane's where you can peek behind the curtain of a Multi 6-Figure Business...

Have her work and re-work your funnels alongside of you, shoot videos with you, help with branding, develop YOUR unique selling point, dial-in your front-end offers & upsales, dramatically increase your conversions with her magic touch, and review your ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL...

As crazy as it sounds, this day takes place in a casino resort where we pick up your hotel accommodation, food, and drinks for the day as you sprinkle in some fun around working 1-on-1 with one of the highest paid coaches and successful business women in our industry.

Absolutely PRICELESS! (however, we did have to put a tangible value to this bonus... but understand that this bonus is vastly more valuable than a mere $2,500!)

BONUS 4: 50 Mindset Audios with Diane Hochman

$850 VALUE

Bonus 4

50 raw & un-cut Mindset Audios with Diane Hochman covering all facets of the 'Guru Code' to be used for repetition and MASTERY of the 'Code.'

These are in MP3 format, and are ready for immediate download!

BONUS 5: "How to Receive" - 8 Hours to Personal Freedom

$197 VALUE

Bonus 2

Larry Hochman's course "How To Receive" - 8 Hours of Liberation Training That Will Bring Prosperity To You.

This course is in MP3 format, and ready for immediate download!

In HOW TO RECEIVE you will...

  • Discover The Five Common Myths That Prevent You From Using Your God Given Talents To Attract Your Desires.
  • Tap Into Your Receiving Gene... Learn How To Stop The Negative Self-Talk And Internal Sabotage That Keeps You From Going All Out And Attracting The Love, Wealth And Prosperity You Know You Deserve.
  • Tap Into Your Personal Magnetism In A Way That Makes You Irresistible.
  • Get The Advanced Power Skills: Getting People To Help You, Overcoming Fear, Creating Your Own Magic.
  • Make Sure What You Receive Stays With You, As Opposed To Climbing Back On The Roller Coaster Of Have Or Have Not.

BONUS 6: 'Guru Code' Happy Hour at "Live The Dream V"

$397 VALUE

Bonus 6

'Guru Code' Happy Hour at "Live The Dream V" in Austin, TX Friday, Sept 26th!

Come meet Diane and fellow 'Guru Code' students IN PERSON as we celebrate YOUR greatness, commitment, and your decision to become a true entrepreneur & marketing pro via 'The Guru Code.' Think of this as a mini-graduation and a thank-you for your time and effort put into learning and IMPLEMENTING the 'Guru Code.'

The FASTEST way to a breakthrough is LIVE and in person. Come hang with your new peers and mentors, have a few drinks, share a few stories, make some key connections, build relationships & partnerships, and create a brand new inner-circle mastermind network to help take your business to the next level!!!

* LTDV ticket NOT included



Bonus 2

Add EVERYTHING Diane has ever done to YOUR digital training library since 2006! Including course(s) that sell for $500!

All her radio shows, podcasts, ALL her home & small business network trainings, ALL her social media training when she first pioneered Social Media back in 2006, her 'Million Mind March Calls,' and SO MUCH MORE!

SERIOUSLY, you physically can't buy "THE VAULT" online anywhere... the only way you can get it is hire Diane for a bare minimum of $10,000 for coaching...

OR simply BUY the 'Guru Code'

What Others are Saying!

Justice E

"I only know a handful of true influencers. The people who can create a buying frenzy at will and build a massive business with speed, pleasure, and ease. Diane is one of those people. In a world of hype and noise, she's a breath of fresh air, a servant leader, and an loyal ambassador of the industry we all love."
Justice Eagan
Industry Top Earner

Ray H

"Diane Hochman truly knows how to build a community, probably better than any online marketer I've met, and she's super cool too"
Ray Higdon
Multi Million Dollar Industry Earner

Lisa G.

"Diane Hochman has a unique ability to simplify even the most complex concepts so that people are able to understand them and implement to create real change in their businesses rapidly... an hour with her buys you a month worth of knowledge and the strategies to take immediate action..."
Lisa Grossmann
25 year Network Marketing Veteran and Global Multi Million Dollar Earner


CODE 1: Learn The Language Of Kings

$200 VALUE

CODE 2: The Law Of The Jungle...

$200 VALUE

CODE 3: Knee Jerk Triggers and Predictable Behaviors

$200 VALUE

CODE 4: The Charlie Bucket Path To Greateness

$200 VALUE

CODE 5: The Economy Of Failure and How Most OBLIGATE Their Doom

$200 VALUE

CODE 6: The Pied Piper Law Of Attracting the Masses

$200 VALUE

CODE 7: Extend The Cycle To Extend Your Pleasure

$200 VALUE

CODE 8: The Hidden Order and How to See it.

$200 VALUE

CODE 9: Forced Continuity and The Rat Pack Method to Wealth.

$200 VALUE

CODE 10: Obligatory Obligation

$200 VALUE

BONUS: 10 Mindset Sessions with a Certified Professional

$1,497 VALUE

BONUS: 10 Weekly Interactive Discussions with Diane Hochman

$997 VALUE

BONUS: Chance to win a 1-on-1 VIP Day at "Happy Land"

$2,500 VALUE

BONUS: 50 Mindset Audios with Diane Hochman

$850 VALUE

BONUS: "How to Receive" - 8 Hours of Personal Freedom

$197 VALUE

BONUS: 'Guru Code' Happy Hour at "Live The Dream V"

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$2,000 VALUE


$10,438 VALUE





Diane's 'marketing' sessions will be every week on Mondays at 9 PM EST

Larry's 'mindset' sessions will be every week on Thursdays at 9 PM EST

Diane's 'interactive' sessions will be every week in the afternoons EST

Every session will be recorded and uploaded into your 'Guru Code' member site, and YES you get FREE Lifetime Access to this incredible 'Guru Code' digital training library!

You are ready...


Enjoy 'The Guru Code' 100% RISK FREE for the next 30 days

If you don't feel the 'Code' will make you more money than you ever dreamed possible... simply e-mail and we'll gladly refund you 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The risk is on us: Let us prove to you that 'The Guru Code' will change the course of your financial destiny.


What Others are Saying!


"I've know Diane Hochman for almost 15 years now. I met her through one of my best friends in the world, Joe Schroeder. I coached her early on for like an hour on the phone and quickly realized she actually listened to not only me, but other mentors and then worked her tail off to make those lessons her own. She's one of the best teacher that I know who lives in the real world and doesn't candy coat anything. And, if my kids wanted to know who I recommend they follow in business I'd suggest her. As we all know, it's hard getting your kids to do anything you say!"
Robert Blackman
30 Year MLM Vet & Multi-Million Dollar Earner

Vanessa D

"Diane Hochman is a magic lady...I have watched her pull money out of thin air for years and I am stunned that she is finally releasing this information to the public!"
Vanessa Duplessie
The Coaches Coach

Andrew D

"Do not, under any circumstances, miss an opportunity to place yourself at the feet of Diane Hochman and receive her perfectly-distilled dispensations of pure marketing wisdom!

Diane Hochman is truly the matriarch of our industry and I highly recommend taking EVERY opportunity to learn from her vast experience.

When I have a question or need help, I go straight to Diane. Diane is my go-to resource for training and advice. Novices emerge as leaders emerge from Diane's inner circle."
Andrew Draughon
Editor-What's Working Now

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